Steps for my visa

Holders of a visa, bearing the word “student”, must have their long-stay visa validated with OFII. The consulate shall submit to the applicant an application for an OFII certificate which the person concerned must return within three months of his arrival in France to the territorial management of the French Office for Immigration and Integration, otherwise he may be considered by the French authorities to be in an irregular situation.


Upon arrival in France, you must contact the territorial management of the French Office for Immigration and Integration of your place of residence:

  • the application form for an OFII certificate, which is covered by the diplomatic or consular authority, after completing the entries concerning your visa number, your date of entry into France or the Schengen area and your address in France.
  • a copy of the pages of your passport containing your identity information, the visa and the stamp attesting to your entry into France or the Schengen area.

Upon receipt of all these documents, OFII will register your file and send you a certificate of receipt of the file by mail and will convene you to validate your visa. You will have to pay a dematerialized stamp of € 60 by stamp on the website

On the day of the meeting, you will be required to present the following documents:

  • your passport with the appropriate visa
  • proof of domicile
  • A bare head photo of your face
  • letter stamp and dematerialized stamps totaling 60€.


OFII region center Val de Loire
4 rue de Patay


Caution: Two months before the expiry of your visa you will need to take steps to apply for a new residence permit from your home prefecture. More information onéjour-titre-de-sejour-pour-les-etudiants

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